The Beach Lounge #55

When it comes to music I much prefer the creative and different sounding arrangements.

With a core exception: Downtempo tracks like the ones we cover under this column. Then I tend to cling to the rather conservative formulas of smooth grooves, swelling pads and predictive arrangements. Under those circumstances I don’t want too many surprises or really anything that requires my brain to work or even fetch my attention.

Frankie Chills (Germany) – Hidden Lake

An excellent track to start a downtempo session. A track that fully qualifies to the description in my introduction, this one will float like a sailboat under a calm breeze and just… Be there.

And that’s really all we want from this one. Because the world it spins up is one of pleasure and comfort.

Innellea (Germany) – There’s Another Me

We continue in the exceptionally accessible arrangements, and by God if not I had instant goosebumps when the vocals enter the soundscape here.

It’s like if Pink Floyd had the calmest, friendliest and trustful baby ever. And this is her song, while the good ole’ boys just sit around and chill.

RE:UM (UK) – Rooftops in the Parisian Rain

And the prize for this editions most gorgeous title goes to… RE:UM! I mean, taste those words, “Rooftops In The Parisian Rain”… My mental images are instantly as cliche Parisian as we can get now, we talk Disney level nostalgia.

And while the overall vibe of this track doesn’t necessarily tie the soundscape as strongly to the geographical scenery of the title as we could have wished for, the strings do their best to at least not decline such an association.

Carmen Electro (Ireland) – Isha

Well, I said this was gonna be a session without the huge twists and turns when it comes to the arrangements of the featured tracks.

And I really have no urge to even bother defending these selections, because if that’s not a given when consuming the tender calmness of this one, then I don’t really know what to tell you.

I am so happy to have these in my life.

All four are obviously added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the finest new tracks of a nature we’d have on high rotation at our Beach Lounge. A playlist that we’ve maintained for years now, this is one list that’s proven itself.

Give the list a follow and just relax. You won’t be missing anything from now on.