The Underground House Bunker #43

A good stack of four USA-bred club tracks in this edition. And I know I’m saying this often on this blog, but now I really, really have some excellent underground club tracks for you.

Gio Lucca (USA) – No Excuses

Yeah, let’s just straight into peak hour, shall we? Here’s one ridiculously tight MF that woke me up for sure.

Repetitive, yes, but here’s the deal: When the production is this good, the repetition becomes exactly what we want, because we want nothing to change from what there is.

And that’s what we get here.

Cody Chase (USA) – By My Side

And we continue much in the same landscape with this next one, albeit it being a bit more melodic by nature.

There’s a timeless vibe to this one. It could conceptually have been released 20 years ago, easily. I had a DJ partner back then who played these kinds of tracks constantly, to great success.

That does not mean to say I think it’s passé. It’s not. What I’m saying is this one will rock your floor just as effectively 20 years from now.

Until Then (USA) – Better Than You Thought

When the bass enters the sound stage here, it nukes the subs. The room explodes. But man, I am thankful to be placed in the epicenter of that explosion.

Rarely have I ever come across a track that physically shakes the walls a hard as this in the Beatradar studio.

It’s just SO booming. And we’re all there to shake’em.

TXMBRR (USA) – Bounce It

This one went straight to my Beatport shopping cart. It’s almost annoyingly good. That snappy lead? oh yeeees, it gets me going. And so will any floor do that I have the pleasure of playing for this spring.

It’s a super tight mix, too. So polished, so balanced.

What a way to end this great session.

All four are of course added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where only the true floor fillers of today are collected as we discover them. Well worth following.