The Beach Lounge #56

It’s not your ordinary Beach Lounge this time. I’ve come across a couple of downtempo releases that I just have to share with you, despite them not quite being what we usually play at our Beach Lounge. But they are beautiful.

Sivan Levy (Israel) – side:W

Usually I do select single tracks for this blog, but here’s a release that made me want to step out of the format of this column: I just have to show you two tracks taken from the same EP, “Side:W” by the Israeli artist Sivan Levy. So atmospheric, so unique, it really is a gem of a release.

Here’s two of the featured tracks, but if you like these you’re gonna love the whole release.

Silent Legs and My Far Away Femme:

Yuvi (Ukraine) – Жидає

We’re off to Ukraine next, but conceptually we’re not that far away from Sivan Levy.
The title translates to “Waiting”, and while I do not know exactly what we’re waiting for here, the atmosphere indicates to me that the wait is quite dark.
May it be a reference to the ongoing war in Ukraine? Pure speculation on my part, but if so it really sends shivers down my spine.

Either way, the haunting atmosphere really got under my skin.

JT Roach (USA) – Bodies on the Floor (Banyan Remix)

So we need to end this session on a slightly brighter note, don’t you agree?
Luckily I have one more for you.

Here’s a chill, elegant, smooth downtempo remix of a track by JT Roach, an American singer and songwriter. And this remix builds that relaxing atmosphere we all deserve to get served every now and then.

Yeah, we needed that one now.

All the tracks are added to our really quite splendid Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo tracks as we discover them. Maintained and weekly updated for years now.