The Deep Lounge #58

Of all the genres we cover on this blog, real Deep House surely is amongst out definite favourites. Here’s three very good reasons for it to remain at that place in our hearts (and feet!).

Nellis – Watch Your Step

There’s two kinds of club tracks; Those that instantly ignite the floor (but should be used sparingly), and those that are slow burners that can build an entire set but either is a total miss or the perfect track for that moment in time.

This one is of the latter category. And I love these kind of tracks. In the hands of a skilled DJ these kind of tracks are really are what sets them apart from the rest.

Are you that DJ?

Anton Kling (Sweden) – Want

Ah, this track is SUCH a travel. Gorgeous soundscape, a dreamy atmosphere floating above the solid depth of the groove. It stretches out across a good seven minutes but this is a kind of track that could keep going… forever.
It’s subtle enough for that.

This is why we love the deep, minimal house tracks.

Deemie (Lebanon) – Baby You Give Me Feeling (Beirut At Night mix)

I’m ending this session on the perhaps more accessible side of the underground slider. This one could honestly work well also on a more mainstream focusd floor – but in this case we can’t use that against it.

Because this is solid stuff. The associations to classic 90s house tracks are inevitable with the use of this particular lead synth, but so be it.

This one will lure’em onto the floor.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest, deepest grooves for the elegant lounge clubbing sessions.