The Underground House Bunker #44

We maintain an excellent uptempo energy as we delve into four great new club tracks from the underground.

Roddy Lima & Spect3r (Brazil) – Lie To Me

A really good crossover between the mainstream wide appeal and the super tight underground groove. This one has it all. Really well mixed too, it’s pouring out of the speakers here like perfectly tempered crackers.

This one WILL move floors this summer. Give it a spin and see for yourself!

Hiidra (Italy) – TikTok

We remain on the upper side of the BPM with this next one, from Italy.

And speaking of Italy, I remember way back in time there was something we called “Italidisco”, featuring some really accessible and sunny disco-house tracks of the more… Guilty pleasure side of things. Anyone remember those?

Either way, this track here also gives me associations to that same decade. Draped in a modern mix and master, it really is built all around that dance floor and is not ashamed of it.

And why should it be, really?

Flo.Von (Germany) – Daddy

There’s something about club music from Germany that’s so instantly recognizable: A dark, mechanical and well structured arrangement.
As is the case here too.

But I so happen to love that dark futuristic Matrix-dungeon kind of vibe we get here. And if you never have been to Berlin before… Go. Just go. It’s an amazing city brimming with a rich, living, thriving, and so visual underground subculture.

Another rock solid club magnet from Germany.

Patrick Coles (USA) – Break A Sweat

I would be surprised if you haven’t already, but if that’s the case then Pat is here to make you break a sweat.

A roller of a track, this one push the drive from the very first beat. Sprinkled with a ton of references to everything from house piano (I think I heard ONE stab?) to rave samples and classic bass drive.

But I mean, this one wakes me up! Makes me miss my more busy days out clubbing. Now I’m just sitting here with the random club events in between the blogging. Circle of Life, I suppose.

But this one is a good one, out clubbing or not.

All four are added to my really quite excellent Spotify playlist “The Underground House Bunker” where only the finest new uptempo house tracks are added as I discover them.