The Beach Lounge #57

Three new downtempo gems to soothe your mind and enhance the atmosphere of your venue. It’s tracks like these that makes me wish I was a lounge DJ.

Palladian (Italy) – Blue Coney

TO open the session today we have a classic laidback vibe from Barcelona, where this Italan duo resides. A solid arrangement with a perfect balance of being melodic and varied, but not too attention-seeking.

See, that’s what these kind of tracks are all about: Discrete enough to almost unnoticed slip into the background of most lounge sessions, but catchy enough to be remembered.

Tanvi (USA) – Kisses To Fame

Washed out vocals, sleepy beats, subtle arrangements. Yes, we can’t get enough of that, and here’s a particularly elegant example of why.

And I love that ending!

Kirkinson & Lirth (Russia) – Muse

Perhaps not the most favorable country in the world to currently play music from, the invasion taken into account. But we are pretty sure this duo can take very little responsibility for those activities.

And especially considering the atmosphere of this song, they can’t possibly be. This is pure peace.

Peace, bro’.

All three are added to our excellent collection of great new tracks suitable for our imaginary Beach Lounge. Fill the background of your next social gathering with this playlist, and it’ll be the mood you’re after.