The Underground House Bunker #45

Deep, dark, intense. That’s the keywords for a good time here at Beatradar. Here’s four tracks whose properties fits those words like a glove. A tight, hot leather glove.

Techin (Brazil) – Analogue

There’s nothing in this track that points to anything else than a true underground club in the early morning hours. I assume anyone who’s ever been at one of those will instantly know what I mean.

And to the rest of you: Get there. It’s where the real clubbing is at. 🙂

Eta (USA) – Don’t Bother

And the hard hitting bass continues as the American producer Eta invites us to his latest ride.

A slightly lighther arrangement than the above, but still rocking the subwoofer here at Beatradar.

And there’s something unmistakably trippy about the ways the vocal samples are processed here.
Total after-party mental state.

Seb Todd & Relaxjosh (Canada) – One of None

A classic tech house drive on this one, from further north over at that continent. And the breaks are just so… Juicy! That bass stab… Can’t get enough of it.

And, speaking of breaks, here they are kept short and sweet, and maintain the steam. Too many tech house tracks I hear are way too heavy on those neverending breakdown/buildup segments.
Maybe fun for the EDM festival kids but it just annoys the rest of us.

Barker USA) – Rodante

Here’s one to whip up the crowd for REAL. Snappy to the max, so super-crisp sounding that the hair strut on my arms as I sit here trying to come up with some well founded words to describe this track.

But I mean, this isn’t really music meant to ponder about. It’s all about the floor.

And this one is a boiler plate for any floor worth playing for.

All four are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Underground House Bunker“, where no cheese are to be found. Just the good stuff. The real stuff. Hit follow and groove with us like there’s no tomorrow.