Ambient Universe #138

Here’s four new ambient releases I really think you need to lend an ear to. At least if you like your ambient dark.

Samatha (Belgium) – Lost Among The Tides

I prefer ambient that are as far away from traditional melody making as possible. The genre opens up for that, and I truly salute those who embrace that.

Like this one, from Belgium. Quite dark, built by layers upon layers with cold, abstract textures.
A soundscape to explore. that’s really the essence of what ambient is to me.

Infralyd (Denmark) – Re:member

That’s not to say I can’t enjoy the more melodic creations within this genre. Harmonies spun around a key set of chords, routed through the ever important audio processing to create a sound not quite heard before.

There’s drama in this composition, but I think Infralyd is balancing well on not making the melodic arrangement too prominent. It’s what goes on in the chords that is the point here, and not the chord progression in itself.

Oduum (USA) – Hellfire

And we return to darker grounds now. Here I’m taken into a cyberpunk industrial complex, we seek shelter deep down in a deserted engine room with apparatus of unknown purpose or origin.

I particularly love how this track consist of segments, ever changing, never predictable.
It truly is a piece to explore. Over and over.

Drone Chamber (USA) – Fading Obsidian Sheen

And if that wasn’t dark and gloomy enough for you, then this one surely will qualify.

This is deep space dark. Or a darkness only to be found after the apocalypse.
There’s no life left. Not as we know it. Not as we want it.

And I love every second of it.

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