The Deep Lounge #59

I love most subgenres and energy levels of house music. But if there’s one genre I’d call the most versatile of them all, surely it must be Deep Douse. The deep, smooth, often subtle grooves that works well both as a backdrop for a socializing as well as for steamy vibes on the dance floor.
Here’s four of the best recent releases.

Aleb (Spain) – Where My Heart Is

Ahhh… Smooth. So smooth! A delicate use of reverb and delay behind silky synth sounds gives no rough corners as it glides through the air and enter your dancing feet.

There’s something about the subtle slickness of these kind of house tracks that makes them equally suitable for social lounges and dance floors alike.

Drew Dapps (SA) – Bring Us Together

Another gentleman who’s well known for smooth grooves is our friend Drew over at the states. Featured many times before on this blog he again proves the reason why, when someone talks about slick grooves, his name instantly pops up in my mind.

I’m sure you can hear why.

Overtracked (Netherlands) – Mind Up

It’s always such a pleasure to present new names on this blog.

Overtracked is the artist name of Michael Engel from the Netherlands. Growing up in the house and techno scene in Zeeland and Rotterdam, Overtracked also has its own event called Housekult. He does this together with Benjamin Scott and has existed since 2016 and is usually held in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.

And if this track is any indication of his live sets, I’d sure use the opportunity to stop by if he held court somewhere close by.

Olivine (Australia) – Calling For You

To end this session I serve you the Australian mr Olivine and his dreamy, floating wonderwork, “Calling For You”.
What a way to wind down, lean back at the afterparty and just let the positive energy fill the room.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

All four are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the top shelf selections for lounge sessions and deep house dance floors.