The Underground House Bunker #46

Oh, you want power? Sure, we’ll give you power! Here’s four energy bombs for your dance floors.

BeatBreaker (USA) – Taka Taka Drums

Tribal drums are never wrong in dance music. Never. One might argue they are the origin of all dance music, and I would nod in agreement.

And here they are blended in a super tight production that really does push the groove unconditionally. A sure tool in your arsenal to make your floor boil.

Nicole Fiallo & Matthew James (UK) – Make You Dance

And we continue the floor-filling ammunition with this one, from the UK.

Taken from the same branch of Tech House as the first track, it really does push air here at the Beatradar studios.

Classic? Sure, there’s nothing we’ve not heard before here. But often it’s not really a question of doing something new – but do it good.

As is done here.

Mike Oasyss (USA) – Out Of Control

The energy level is well maintained as we head back to the US again. A peak hour banger that push all the right buttons.

Frenzy. That’s what I would expect from a track like this. Total chaos.
And that’s how we want our floors, isn’t it?

Pavel Petrov (Netherlands) – Parallel

But there’s only so much peak hour material one can consume before our minds seek the slightly more subtle. Something that will give us a short moments rest.

That’s not to say that this final track from us today are in any way chill. We’re not entering the lounge area here. Absolutely not. But it’s leaning itself more over to the progressive house part of club music, and do so in an absolutely excellent fashion.

Deep, hypnotic, groovy. Something we can cruise on for a long time.

All four are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest uptempo house tracks as we discover them. Weekly maintained for years now, this is your list for new discoveries!