The Underground House Bunker #47

We’re not quite done with the uptempo house tracks yet. Here’s three new gems on the tech house scene that’s well worth considering for your next club session.

Otthoniel Aguilar (El Salvador) – Take It Back

From El Salvador we get this minimal tech house track that provides a plain gorgeous drive. It’s non-stop pushing the groove but never too hard, no cheesy buildups or over-the-top production details – just resting confidently on that fundamental energy.

Yes, yes it works.

Sergio Saffe (Argentina) – Covane

Here’s one of those tracks that grows on you. At least that’s how it was for me, the first time I heard it I was like, “ok, fair groove, maybe a bit anonymous…”, but I let it roll and by the end I was totally bopping my head. It got under my skin, and stayed there.

So this is one of those tracks that, given the vibe on the floor, can be the exact right track for that moment.

I mean, it’s just so… Cool!

YTSY (UK) – Don’t Give Up

I’ll round off this session with one of those ultra-classic, lightly disco-infused house tracks that are such guaranteed floor pleasers, always have been, always will be.

It really takes me back, this one. But in a good way. I’m back to the beginning of this century, I was then the resident at an underground house club in Oslo, Norway, and especially a colleague of mine that I often played with pushed beats like these nonstop. And built fantastic sets out of them.

Yeah, this one is a safe bet, also today.

All three are added to our prime Spotify playlist, “Underground House Bunker”, where only the finest energetic club beats are collected. maintained for years, this is one list to follow!