The Beach Lounge #58

Summer holidays are just around the corner, or even already started, for those of us living on this hemisphere. So what better than to dive into a stack of chilled summer vibes? Here’s four of the best ones from that stack.

The Numb Project (USA) – Sad Eyes

Sometimes all we need is a laid-back rhythm and a smooth theme. And this track here is just that, and it does it so well.

This is feelgood on a lazy lounge evening. This is colourful drinks in a chill hotel bar, protected from the hot sun. This is good friends gathered for a grill in the garden, smiles and good stories shared.

Anton Kling (Sweden) – Pause

We are increasing the tempo with this next one, from Sweden. But it’s worth it; the atmosphere is just so, so relaxed here. With that deep, warm bass, the washed out samples, the delicate arrangement…

Yeah, this is beach lounge material.

M. Vaughan (Portugal) – Nazaré

Here’s another track that really is quite different from my typical picks for this column. But man, the vibe here is real. It’s just so legit.

The vocals sound so real. Like it’s coming from somewhere, and not just being the padding we so often hear in electronic dance music. The backing perfectly complementing the leads. A very well crafted track.
A unique vibe, and with an artistic flair that I fell flat for.

(“M Vaugan”… Is it by any chance Mathew Vaugan we speak of here? If so, long time no see, buddy!)

Pixel in space (Russia) – Medusa

There’s a flair of Röyksopp and Moby over this one. With a pinch of Massive Attack for good measure.
And that’s not a blend to ignore!

All four are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the finest lounge chillout tracks as we discover them. Give it a spin and see if you agree!