The Deep Lounge #60

It’s a bit hard to come up with a unique theme for every single selection of tracks we post, but here’s one we’ve not done before: Tracks with just one word as a title! Oh – and they are great house tracks, of course.

Plenum (Armenia) – Lost

A very epic sounding track opens up this session. A crossover between progressive and deep house, and so well polished we almost – almost – write it off as too mainstream for what we seek to expose here.

But there’s just something about this track that made me keep listening. And I decided – this would be the perfect break from the deeper, more minimal tracks I play in my sets.

And if I think like that, what’s keeping you from thinking the same? After all, this is a dreamy, floating, smooth track that deserves to be played at your club too.

Acarya (France) – Portal

And we continue the crossover vibe in this next one, albeit being closer to the minimal deep house style we cherish on these pages.

This one begs to be played at a small/mid sized outdoor event, chill atmosphere, elegant drinks and a crowd by invitation only. This is an event where mingling is just as important than the dancing, and this track here takes care of both.

Kashyk (Switzerland) – Closer

And slowly we are sinking into the deeper vibes of house, with this excellent jam from Switzerland. Still melodic, still accessible. So we’re still at that classy outdoor lounge we described further up.

But we see no reason to departure quite yet. We like it here.

Josh Gregg (UK) – Connection

So, it’s getting later now, the sunset is behind us and the bar heaters are turned on. But we can’t go just yet. Not with this one rising the mood.

There’s something I find so attractive with spoken words in a club track. The contrast between the intensity of the groove and the laid-back vocals just does it for me.

The warm-up can’t possibly be much better than what’s sketched out in this session.

All four are found on our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where only the finest, deepest house track for the elegant lounge sessions are collected.