Mellow Monday – Triple calmness

Three ambient pieces from the top shelf. A stack of drones and a… Cello?

Martina Bertoni – Elevate

We’ve heard from Martina before, a few months ago. Here she is again, with her excellent blend of cello and electronica. And just like earlier we also really love this track, Elevate. A track that takes us out on a travel, melodic but abstract, with the right balance of harmonies and non-melodic details in the soundscape, without ever bloating the image.

Lehnberg – Arrival

I’m immediately taking you down to darker grounds with this next track, “Arrival” by the Swedish artist Lehnberg.

A ground covered in drones and radio interference. Futuristic. Cyberpunk images of a world gone haywire, survival of the fittest, explorations of a torn land.

Non-Functional Harmony – B (Torri in Sabina Ambient Remix)

I’m rounding off with this piece from the hands of another act we’ve visited before: Non-Functional Harmony.
One might probably say this is the most experimental of the three, and with a delicate whiff of futuristic, barren landscape. Or deep, deep space.

Either way, this is good stuff to drift off to. Safe travels.

All three are added to our smörgåsbord of ambient delights, “Ambient Universe”. A list you probably already follow if ambient is your thing. If not – well, here it is:

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Friday Funk – let the weekend commence

Two groovy creations to kick off the weekend. Both of these are a bit different from what I usually pick, but they fetched my interest. May them also fetch yours!

Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat

For some reason the groove of this track reminds me so much of Prince at his most funky. Yet it’s a very different beast, surely someone’s gonna sample a loop here and make it into something that Chemical Brothers would have been proud of.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that this track is pure, raw groove. In a quite timeless way.

Alvido – Mind

Here’s a track that I per definition am not supposed to like. Too “future <something>”, too commercial sounding, too happy, too melodic. Too mainstream.

But I do like it. A really tight, funky bass line rocks my headset like few others, and the cheerful atmosphere makes me… Well… Cheerful!
It’s a simple construction, doesn’t scare anyone off anything, and would probably not fit into any of the sets played by DJs at our imaginary underground club that we at Beatradar are supposed to cater to.

But damn it – who cares. I smile. How about you?

I added both of these tracks to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where I collect some of the tracks picked from the slightly more mainstream landscape than usual for us. So if you’re tired of our deeper, darker and more sublime selections, this one is for you!

Throwback Thursday: Synthwave to the rescue!

Synthwave. Our guilty pleasure here at Beatradar. It’s not underground, not bleeding edge, not deep, usually not even that groovy. Still, I dig it. It’s my safe haven whenever I want some of that eighties charm.

Because, each decade do of course have their charm – so also the eighties. The problem being that the eightes is so insanely oversaturated. Beyond repair. I can’t stand listening to “The Final Countdown” or “Is This Love”, “Africa” or “Forever Young” one single time more.

And that’s where synthwave comes to my rescue.

Turbo Cobra – On Levels

And here’s a track that really reminds me of the classic eighties detective series; Miami Vice. Classic electronic pop instrumental. With the mandatory el-guitar solo on top. Yeah, this one check all the right boxes.

Turbo Cobra is a German duo who told me they love everything eighties, from music to films and fashion. So starting a Synthwave group was just the right thing to do.

And they have obviously done their homework cause this is as authentic as can be. The sound on the track is unfortunately a bit muddy. Unless intentionally sounding like played off a worn cassette – and I doubt that’s intentional – it would benefit from a bit fresher mastering. So there’s a tip to you guys.

But really, if you like synthwave this duo is really worthy of your attention!

This track will be added to our Spotify playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself” as soon as it is available there. This is the list where only the finest, most authentic synthwwave tracks are collected as we find them. If synthwave is your cup of tea there really are no reasons not to add this list to your library. So grand us a “follow” today!

Deep Tech House? We got you covered

Here’s two techy and deep house tracks with a suitable true underground feel. Good stuff.

Maxim Lany feat. Jacky E Jones – People Of The Night

There’s something about putting spoken words performed in a monotonous way into house tracks that is so enthralling. It’s been done multiple times before of course, and often to great effect.

Some of my all time favourite club tracks are indeed built around this simple and effective formula. It’s not like it necessarily warrants a lot of repeated plays, but not all tracks needs to be like that.

This one here sets the mood.


Here’s another quite techy house track in much the same minimalist veins as the first. Cormac is from the USA and says about the track, “I made this track in order to fuse some of my favorite elements from bass-line oriented tech house, with some other motifs I love from dark and driving techno”.

A cool, deep and groovy track with that genuine underground feel.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “It’s House music!”, where we collect house tracks of a quite wide nature, but with a common property of having a certain underground feel to them. We think the result is a mix of tracks that works well together.
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Two for the dance floors: Serious tech grooves

Time to aim for peak hour again. The groove of these two tech house slammers will increase your pulse.

Mittone – Bass Down

I think these kind of tracks are so damn fun. One massive, MASSIVE bass that are just throwing us around like a whirlwind. A stupid vocal sample on top and a blatantly funky, bouncy beat beneath, and that’s it. That’s IT. All there is! But damn how it works. Every. Single. Time.

Show me the party where this track doesn’t whip up the crowd, and I shall show you a place you don’t want to be cause it’s DEAD.

Joachim Garraud – 3acid3 (Rezone Remix)

You’re served Rezone’s version of Garraud’s track, and he pulls the track a few notches towards tech house compared to the original. So while we’re still staying on the tech house side of things, we’re now going slightly deeper. And darker. But without losing an ounce of groove.

And to be honest, Rezone’s version would be my preferred version in my DJ bag.
That stab before the drop? Omg.

Both of these tracks are added to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where we collect all the blatantly funky dance floor fillers.

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