Silent Sunday: Monday edition

What kind of utter madness is this – Silent Sunday on a Monday? Well, yeah. I’m lagging behind. Not that it matters – here’s a trio worth spacing out to.
Safe travels.

Lauge – Sollys (Revisited)

Once again we visit the Danish ambient creator Lauge and his remarkably harmonic world. There’s just simply nothing to hate about his work, unless dissonants are a required component in your aural enjoyment.

His new track, “Sollys” (sunlight) holds everything that classic melodic ambient is known for, and does so in a way that can’t be denied: This is calming.

Giuliano Poles – Magnetar

Giuliano from Italy is next, and this is the first time we’ve been invited into his world. A world I did feel instantly comfortable in. Less melodic in nature compared to Lauge. Deep drones hovering, shimmering, rolling. While our first track today, “Sollys” made me kick back and relax, this track ignites a curiosity in me:
What is this world, where are we? Somewhere slightly darker, massive structures, quite alien.

Bonus track:

USE – Holy Shit Planet Earth

Here’s USE again. We’ve covered them twice before, and their ability to facinate me has not died out just yet. There’s just something about Krystall Scott’s voice that is so pleasing. Seductive, intelligent, curious.

It’s not exactly ambient, this. Or is it? “Vocal based ambient”? I don’t know. Not easy to tag. But why should we. It’s a piece worth hearing, pondering about, and appreciate.

A nice opportunity to give you a little bonus when rounding off this rather delayed “Silent Sunday”.

Lauge and Poles are added to our ambient playlist “Ambient Universe”, where they reside amongst other great trips into the wonderful universe of ambient music.

Deep House Divin’: Two moments of solid grooves

We’re starting off harmonic and elegant, but that’s only a warm-up before we are taken to significantly darker grounds.
Oh yes – deep house is here again.

Schlindwein – Nocturne III

The utterly elegant melody could make us mistake this one for a chillout track – and indeed I’d love to hear a more chill remix of this one – however the deep, steady bass line establish a solid beat for the dance floor or workout sessions.

But man, this is smooth stuff. Feelgood material. Happy. Almost cheerful! And enjoy it while it last, cause we’re about to enter darker grounds now:

H.E.R.B.E.R – Lost Fairytale

We ramp up the intensity now. Still with a deep groove, but now taking quite a few steps towards tech house. It never throws cheese at us though, just relentlessly pumps the deep groove firmly up our … (ok, so I bailed here).

I’m slightly allergic to those EDM horns we hear lurking in the background, however in this track it is actually quite cool. Good use of a worn out horn.

And yes. Yes, I’d dance to this. Wouldn’t you?

H.E.R.B.E.R doesn’t seem to be on Spotify (yet?). But Nocturne III is added to our fantastic Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where elegance and grooves takes front seat. That’s one list to follow!

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Techno Tuesday: A mandatory track for any techno DJ

I got a real slammer for you this Tuesday. Rory Marshall means business with his remix. If you are a techno DJ, you will dig this one.

Andy Murphy & Ivan Gough – Acid Or Techno (Rory Marshall Remix)

Rory takes a more stripped down, deeper approach to And and Ivan’s track. The result is a loud-mouthed, stomping and groovy track built for the main halls. A massive sounding creation that sure whirls up the floor, but without ever tipping over.

The result? A track that should be in every techno DJs bag.

Obviously added to our Spotify techno playlist, “The Techno Club”. You’ll find it there, along with all our other excellent selected techno tracks. Worthy of a follow!

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Silent Sunday: Strange new (gr/s)ounds

Two quite experimental ambient tracks, with very distinct atmospheres.

Krikl – Tape Study 001

Is that a cello I hear in the distance? The piece gives me a slight association with an orchestra strumming their instruments before their performance.

We’re entering a very detailed landscape with this one. Dark, urban images emerge in my mind. Lofi textures, slightly chaotic yet structured. I love this.

Krikl is a Los Angeles based composer who specialises in writing ambient electronic music influenced by movies, electronic sounds and the fusion of computers and music. Her sonic landscapes are created by blending analogue synths, digital software, samples and loops.

And the result… Well, the result should speak for itself. This is one to follow.

Cyyxc – Stay

Here’s a track who pushes the experimental factor even further, and the result is, in my not-always-so-humble-opinion, really good. It holds a surprise towards the end of the track, and I am not a fan of sudden surprises in ambient music, but here it really does work. It also, unfortunately, pushes it a bit too high on the energy level for our ambient playlist, but I’ve made room for it on our dark ambient list.

Either way – I really want to hear more ambient from Cyyxc. This track here leaves a massive promise of what the future may hold in store.

Tape Study 001 is added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where it rests with around 60 other fantastic ambient tracks. The list is continuously maintained and is well worth a follow is ambient is your thing (why else would you read this, really)

As mentioned, Stay is added to our “After The Apocalypse” playlist, who is of a darker and more dramatic nature than the above list.

Fresh from the Deep House underground!

Another day of deep house selections, this time I’ve paired two recently released tracks who share that same “feel”, or atmosphere. Two properly stylish club tracks from the underground.

Jesusdapnk – Le Motif En Moi

The track is elegantly dancing around a rock solid concrete monster of a bass line, offering a firm ground under the rather fragile construction of the rest of the track. This stuff is properly deep, and really well founded in the undergrowth layer of the electronica woods.

This is one for the real house clubs. I want an invitation.

Victor Montero – Rhythmic Relationship

The percussion work is excellent here. Smells like a Caribbean producer. And what do you know: It is! An original sounding, playful, groovy house track from the Dominical Republic. Awesome. I wonder if that’s a first here at Beatradar.

And we have that same dry, solid bass going here as we heard in the fist track. Dig it? It’s available as a free download on Soundcoud!

Two excellent tracks from the same region of the Deep House waters.

Rhythmic Relationship seem to only be available on Soundcloud, but we’ve added Le Motif En Moi to our excellent Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the classy, deep and smooth house tracks as we discover them. Join us in our discoveries, follow it today!

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