Drum & Lace, “ae”: There’s something going on

Here’s an interesting one. A very cinematic experience from the borderlands of ambient, chill-out, folklore and movie scores.
It’s of a rather dark and quite experimental shape, but with a story to tell. That’s what makes it so seductive. There’s something going on, and we are invited to tag along and find out. Continue reading Drum & Lace, “ae”: There’s something going on

Klangplanet, “Utopia”: Synthpop meets house

Yesterday I picked a track that was intentionally very retro. Today I got a track that also have clear roots backwards, but without as obviously trying to be retro.

Funky, playful guitar riffs breaks the otherwise quite cold synth landscape, a very welcome detail. All in all a track that I find a bit hard to categorise, but easy to enjoy! Continue reading Klangplanet, “Utopia”: Synthpop meets house

Garibe, “Cavas”: Come roll with me

The components in this minimal creation is just so perfectly honed to each other, they create one unison structure, all moving in the same direction. It’s like the most beautiful mechanical subsea creature you can imagine.

This is why you can take the man out of the club but you can’t take the club out of the man. It’s tracks like this that is to blame for all that. Continue reading Garibe, “Cavas”: Come roll with me

Daniel Levak, “So Deep”: No, it’s not. But dat bass!

I dare say there is not a single dance floor on this planet, regardless of continent, age, colour or sexual orientation, that would not dance to this. That would not totally TAKE OFF to it. That floor does simply not exist. And I don’t care how hipster the crowd is. Or how underground. Or how credible the VIP room feels they are. They will fucking go mental. Continue reading Daniel Levak, “So Deep”: No, it’s not. But dat bass!