Our Spotify Playlists

These are our playlists, curated and cared well for. Please follow if you like the selections in the list, they’ll only get better with time!

If you want to submit a track for consideration to the lists you are welcome to send us a message! But please, check out the lists first to be sure your suggestion is relevant for the theme of the list.

Stay updated with our picks! This list are updated as new reviews are published and thus are a bit “different” than the other playlists, with a very wide variety of genres. All good tracks, though! 🙂

Mechanical, stomping, slamming, driving, rolling, grooving… These tracks takes you straight into the darkest underground bunkers and techy club floors.
Gems from the prosperous fields of the electronic landscapes. A list of elegant, groovy house tracks with plenty of atmosphere and a unique identity. Welcome to the electronic circus!

Music for the space travellers. Sit back and relax in your capsule as strange new worlds are explored.