The primary scope for the blog is to seek “underground club tracks“, electronic gems within the progressive, minimal, deep and techy house genres. Groove over melody. Usually without vocals.

We’ve since expanded on that fundamental scope, but as long as it’s underground enough it may very well be of relevance.
We thrive on the niches: Mainstream is not our stream.

Want to send me a track? Cool! However, please notice that I do not accept submissions to the blog via social media, email or direct messages. They will very likely not be read/responded. We exclusively use for submissions.

Mails/DMs/download gates/promo pages became way too chaotic and time consuming to cope with. With Submithub everything (links, bios, release dates, cover art, etc) is centralised. That eases the workload immensely for me and let me focus on what I want to spend time on: Listening to music and write about it.
My entire workflow for this blog is built around their tools. I need all submissions to be in this workflow.

Submithub is also equally efficient for promoters, not only to reach me but hundreds of other relevant curators across a vast span of genres.

Please notice that I also accept “standard” (ie: free) submissions, so it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. I do this for efficiency.