Down-tempo midweek: Two classy house tracks

Time to again enjoy the calm, classy house beats. These two fine tracks go well together. They not only could, but should be played in any lounge area worth visiting.

Krotos – Next Stop

First off we’re heading to the states and Los Angeles, where we find Krotos and his “Next Stop”. A gorgeous house track of the classic, true & tested formula – while still being unique. And long segments where we stray off to an area who bears resemblance to good old Jean Michell Jarre grounds, before returning to the groovy house beats again.

I totally dig the totality of this track. The arrangement, the variation, the gorgous flow. It’s just so good. Period.

Ek & Horn – Take My Hand

We’re back in Europe now and the Netherlands for this next track, who I think pairs up really quite well with the first.

Again that laidback, down-tempo house beat, a little more playful percussion here but with a classic sounding synth organ on top. Smooth, almost jazzy atmosphere. Great stuff.
The submission were labelled vaporwave and while I personally don’t think it’s retro enough for that, it definitely holds some timeless qualities.

Both of today’s selections actually reminds me of the atmosphere and sound found in Kidsø‘s work – one of my first big discoveries with this blog.
And both of them deserves to be heard by that same audience.

Both of these tracks are added to our “The Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect all the classy, calm and comfortable house beats as we discover them.

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Kidsø – “Scandia”: Debut extraordinaire.

When I say Germany – what comes to your mind? Bierstube, ordnung und sauberkeit, industrial techno, the Berlin trilogy and mad weekends at Berghain?
Well, I’m here to tell you there’s more to’em Germans:

The German duo Kidsø have just recently released their debut EP, and in doing so puts far too many other debut releases, especially in this age of self-publishing, to humiliating shame. They serve a plate so delicious, so intercontinental and elegant I can only sit down, put their EP on repeat and smile while writing. 
This is a German duo you just simply need to be introduced to. It’s a cliche but so be it: You will thank me later.

Their music can be compared with those classy french house acts we all fell in love with, maybe a nib of Faithless for good measure. Ambient scenarios that ignites your imagination sneaks out here and there before a gorgeous blend of house beats, exquisite percussion and harmonic arrangements culminates in a melodic electronica De l’excellence.

A sense of loneliness is a recurring association in their tender arrangements, well supported by the fragile yet confident and strong voice of their female vocalist (whose name I fail to find). She is a perfect match to the atmosphere of the tracks. The above track, Scandia, is my pick but I could just as well pick any of the other tracks from the EP, titled “Apart“.

Kidsø. If there is any – ANY – fairness in the world of music, then this duo will be touring for a solid crowd within the next two years.

And you quite possibly heard it here first.