Double Deep: Two a bit on the side

Here’s two tracks that’s really a bit on the side of what we usually pick, but they both fetched our interest. Deep by nature, groovy in shape, and quite original. Give’em a spin!

Yamil – Nakuru

A very African sounding track but we actually need to head to Spain to meet Yamil, the creator behind it. A name not exactly a new star on the deep house sky, he has played at Clubs in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Bilbao, Suiza, Beirut (Líbano), Buenos Aires (Argentina) Playa Del Carmen (Mexico) Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), Caracas (Venezuela), Augsburg (Germany) and Casablanca (Marruecos).

Here he offers a deep but rather uplifting flair with the African flavoured percussion loop, and the overall feel of the track is a little on the side of what we usually select here at Beatradar. But it’s a good one!

Great stuff for the deeper clubs out there.

Sinewave – Anthem

Now here’s a bit of an oddball. It’s not really Deep House, but what the heck can we call it? It’s kind of deep house blended with one of those bass genres, isn’t it?

Either way, I thought it was a really cool track so I had to show it to you!

Neither of these tracks are found on Spotify, so we can’t add any of them to our playlists. But the rest of our selections are usually found on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where we collect all the good electronica as we find them.

Double Deep: From sunshine to smog

Time to go deep again. Although, I do start off rather light before I pull you down to the deep and gritty. Don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Jamian Ft. Sanna Hartfield – Dave

It’s more of a soul track than a deep house track, this one. But it’s a borderline case, and I think it would work in a deep house set especially thanks to the tempo and bass line. And it’s a bloody smooth track! Sure, the lyrics are complete nonsense (unless Dave is a reference to something that I failed to understand?) but that’s part of the charm here.

A groovy, playful little thing that should fit into plenty of uplifting playlists out there.

Skols – The Gimp

So after that sweet little stroll along the sunny, soul-rich main street of House we now take a sharp turn right and head down to the House harbour.

And it is one hypnotic trip that awaits us there. It’s a darker, grittier, more minimal and definitely deeper production from Skols. We also take a good step towards more techy and progressive grounds. In many ways one could say this is my home turf.

I wanna hang in the joint that plays this stuff.

Both tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new discoveries from the stretch between lounge and deep house, with a random detour near deep techno. Always groovy, always good.

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Deep House Divin’: Two moments of solid grooves

We’re starting off harmonic and elegant, but that’s only a warm-up before we are taken to significantly darker grounds.
Oh yes – deep house is here again.

Schlindwein – Nocturne III

The utterly elegant melody could make us mistake this one for a chillout track – and indeed I’d love to hear a more chill remix of this one – however the deep, steady bass line establish a solid beat for the dance floor or workout sessions.

But man, this is smooth stuff. Feelgood material. Happy. Almost cheerful! And enjoy it while it last, cause we’re about to enter darker grounds now:

H.E.R.B.E.R – Lost Fairytale

We ramp up the intensity now. Still with a deep groove, but now taking quite a few steps towards tech house. It never throws cheese at us though, just relentlessly pumps the deep groove firmly up our … (ok, so I bailed here).

I’m slightly allergic to those EDM horns we hear lurking in the background, however in this track it is actually quite cool. Good use of a worn out horn.

And yes. Yes, I’d dance to this. Wouldn’t you?

H.E.R.B.E.R doesn’t seem to be on Spotify (yet?). But Nocturne III is added to our fantastic Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where elegance and grooves takes front seat. That’s one list to follow!

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Fresh from the Deep House underground!

Another day of deep house selections, this time I’ve paired two recently released tracks who share that same “feel”, or atmosphere. Two properly stylish club tracks from the underground.

Jesusdapnk – Le Motif En Moi

The track is elegantly dancing around a rock solid concrete monster of a bass line, offering a firm ground under the rather fragile construction of the rest of the track. This stuff is properly deep, and really well founded in the undergrowth layer of the electronica woods.

This is one for the real house clubs. I want an invitation.

Victor Montero – Rhythmic Relationship

The percussion work is excellent here. Smells like a Caribbean producer. And what do you know: It is! An original sounding, playful, groovy house track from the Dominical Republic. Awesome. I wonder if that’s a first here at Beatradar.

And we have that same dry, solid bass going here as we heard in the fist track. Dig it? It’s available as a free download on Soundcoud!

Two excellent tracks from the same region of the Deep House waters.

Rhythmic Relationship seem to only be available on Soundcloud, but we’ve added Le Motif En Moi to our excellent Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the classy, deep and smooth house tracks as we discover them. Join us in our discoveries, follow it today!

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Double Deep: Two for the classy beach club

Two tracks with a good chunk of those classic vocal deep house grooves, dressed up in laid back summer vibes.

De Vere – Our Way To Fall (Club Mix)

The chill and non-demanding vibes makes this a track very suitable for multiple playbacks.

Both percussion and vocals cooperates in building a bright summer vibe on this track from South Africa. Excellent buildups and breakdowns delivers a near constant progression throughout the track.

Never goes too intense or too low, just properly takes us forth like a good deep house track should behave. The result is a smooth, elegant outcome.

DayandNite – Know Me

Ultra-classic lead synth establish a seductive, deep groove that rolls the way we like it. The break when the vocals are introduced is perhaps a tad too long for a restless dance floor (plenty room to be creative, DJs!), but once it gets going it’s a really solid, smooth groove.

Both of these tracks are added to our “The Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect all the best deep house tracks as we discover them. Follow it today and enjoy our ever expanding collection of really good lounge grooves!

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