Deep Tech House? We got you covered

Here’s two techy and deep house tracks with a suitable true underground feel. Good stuff.

Maxim Lany feat. Jacky E Jones – People Of The Night

There’s something about putting spoken words performed in a monotonous way into house tracks that is so enthralling. It’s been done multiple times before of course, and often to great effect.

Some of my all time favourite club tracks are indeed built around this simple and effective formula. It’s not like it necessarily warrants a lot of repeated plays, but not all tracks needs to be like that.

This one here sets the mood.


Here’s another quite techy house track in much the same minimalist veins as the first. Cormac is from the USA and says about the track, “I made this track in order to fuse some of my favorite elements from bass-line oriented tech house, with some other motifs I love from dark and driving techno”.

A cool, deep and groovy track with that genuine underground feel.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “It’s House music!”, where we collect house tracks of a quite wide nature, but with a common property of having a certain underground feel to them. We think the result is a mix of tracks that works well together.
Give it a spin! And if you agree with the above sentiment it would be totally awesome of you will give the list a follow. We think it deserves it.

Double Deep: From sunshine to smog

Time to go deep again. Although, I do start off rather light before I pull you down to the deep and gritty. Don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Jamian Ft. Sanna Hartfield – Dave

It’s more of a soul track than a deep house track, this one. But it’s a borderline case, and I think it would work in a deep house set especially thanks to the tempo and bass line. And it’s a bloody smooth track! Sure, the lyrics are complete nonsense (unless Dave is a reference to something that I failed to understand?) but that’s part of the charm here.

A groovy, playful little thing that should fit into plenty of uplifting playlists out there.

Skols – The Gimp

So after that sweet little stroll along the sunny, soul-rich main street of House we now take a sharp turn right and head down to the House harbour.

And it is one hypnotic trip that awaits us there. It’s a darker, grittier, more minimal and definitely deeper production from Skols. We also take a good step towards more techy and progressive grounds. In many ways one could say this is my home turf.

I wanna hang in the joint that plays this stuff.

Both tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new discoveries from the stretch between lounge and deep house, with a random detour near deep techno. Always groovy, always good.

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Twice as smooth: Minimalistic and deep electronica

Here’s two tracks that takes us down. Down to the underground.

Nothing is done here to please the outsiders. The mainstream. This is music for the initiated. Those who are in the know. Like you and me.

Meti – Noir

Also on Spotify

The first of these two hover around the borders between minimal house and minimal techno, with a focus on a floating organ filtered to a really hypnotic effect. Minimalistic as can be, and with no sharp edges.

This is trippy stuff. A good trip.

Byroot – Technokarriere

Byroot is a new techno project consisting of Lara Mutinous from Lebanon and the German Bennetto Stiletto. They met coincidentally in the city of Beirut (Lebanon) and decided to collaborate. Hence the name Byroot, which is also a wink to the roots of their sound.

They lead us firmly deep into the techno akres and raise the intensity bar, but still rolling in a smooth and minimalistic fashion. And when the meat of the track kicks in right before the 1:30 line, the groove is lifted up to pretty ecstatic heights. A groove that makes me want to describe it as “dark ambient”. A fantastic drive that would have made me go mental had I been served this at a club.

Ahhh… It’s good to be back into the deep underground again, where the sun never shines and nobody really cares – or knows – what time of day it is.

Byroot is not on Spotify yet, but Meti is added to our “It’s House Music“! A list with groovy house music worthy of more than one spin on your player. It’s already a great list, and will only improve as weeks go by:

Techno Tuesday: Bassler Disconnect – “World”

Today we’re heading to Belarus! That’s a first for this blog. Very cool.
There we find Bassler Disconnect and his classy piece of deep/minimal techno: World.

It’s real hypnotic, this one. And that is of course the core goal for tracks from these neck of the techno woods. Build upon a lovely, bouncy bass loop that just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling and… Yeah. We’re there now.

It’s tracks like these that really, really makes me miss my DJing days. There’s few things feeling better than putting stuff like this on a massive PA and just drown into the track along with the crowd, just lose it.

This track here is perfect for such occasions.

This gem is obviously added to our “The Techno Club” Spotify playlist, where you can find it rolling along with other really good techno tracks. Well worth following!

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Time to go down. Down deep, and rolling. Techno time.

Ok, it’s time to get busy again. I’ll admit right away that I’ve turned a bit soft lately. So I need to do something about that. Here’s a couple of techno tracks that rolls in the deep and dark.

Anela, “Listen to it”

Yeah, listen to that! Properly dark, deep rolling, and with a bass-line that means business from the Belgian producer Anela.
A sharp, wobbly sawtooth synth enters the scene and contributes to the momentum. But it never breaks out into anything cheesy, oh no. It holds a steady course, taking us up to that higher techno consciousness.

Schimmer, “GlutGorilla”

The second track in this duo are from Germany and holds some of the same proerties as “Listen To This”. A deep, groovy techno beat shapes the foundation. The bassline builds the solid groove and to be honest the track could really very well have worked also without the sawtooth synth that are whipping up the exstacy on top, if you ask me.

But both tracks are well worthy of an entry on our techno playlists, don’t you agree?

We could not find Anela on Spotify but Schimmer are added to our excellent techno playlist “The Techno Club”, a list that’s grown into something really groovy now!

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