Sors, “Vitality”: Intelligent dance music

One of the strengths of this track is in the production, the details. Just listen to the gorgeous sound design. The effects. The way the entire stereo field is utilised. This is simply a bloody good production, from a technical point of view.

But that alone is not enough to be selected by us, of course. The artistic qualities are just as important, and Sors fully qualify. Continue reading Sors, “Vitality”: Intelligent dance music

HVOB, “Bloom”: A flower so tender

HVOB is an Austrian duo consisting of Paul Wallner and Anna Müller, and are regularly doing shows across Europe. So they are a bit further on their career than what I usually look for. Their sound is minimalistic, but not simple. Just enough layers, and enough polish, to make a lot out of a little. And that is exactly what I want to show you all here. Continue reading HVOB, “Bloom”: A flower so tender

REEON, “Sector”: The deep sector, where we belong

I do try to push myself a little when writing for this blog. However, sometimes I grab the chance to retract back to my hood. To the darker side of the pond, where the deeper flavours of house and techno resides.

This track is a good demonstration of why the genre “progressive house” is so damn persistent. Continue reading REEON, “Sector”: The deep sector, where we belong