USE, “Test” & Drosophila, “Stingwise”: Futuristic experiments

It’s not many days since I last did an “double oddball feature”, but I just have to do another; this time a sci-fi special!

Here’s one rather odd instrumental consisting of essentially just sequences, while the other is nothing but a voice. Yes, that’s it.
And both are quite intriguing. Continue reading USE, “Test” & Drosophila, “Stingwise”: Futuristic experiments

Drum & Lace, “ae”: There’s something going on

Here’s an interesting one. A very cinematic experience from the borderlands of ambient, chill-out, folklore and movie scores.
It’s of a rather dark and quite experimental shape, but with a story to tell. That’s what makes it so seductive. There’s something going on, and we are invited to tag along and find out. Continue reading Drum & Lace, “ae”: There’s something going on