Electro-glitch FTW: Pump THIS mother up!

Here’s a glitchy track so gorgeous and danceable that I can’t help but pump the volume up to the pain threshold. Seriously, the neighbours around me must think I’ve gone mental.

SHSTR – Life of a Machine

… And I have. This shit here is the shit. Blatantly stomping, bashfully groovy. An electro-glitch banger that slams so good. So good.

I’m not even going to try and write a review of this one. If I tried, I would probably say something like that it shouldn’t repeat itself as much, it should glitch out the repetition into something a bit different. Keep surprising. And so forth.

But screw that. Today I’m just letting the fanboy out in me and proudly step up on the soap box to shout:

Pump this mother up and I dare you: Try not to bop your head!

You find this track on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist along with all our other selections. In addition we also added it to our “It’s House Music!” playlist, where the funky and deep grooves are found!

A broken glitch for the heart

There’s something about chopped up samples that’s always made me swarm like bees to honey. As an extension of that, when “glitch” evolved into a genre of its own, it was pretty obvious I was in for the ride. Here’s a really honey-sweet example of the kind.

Dysphemic feat Amanda Lane – Heart Break

Producer and rapper Dysphemic started experimenting with music on a Commodore Amiga 500 and playing drums when he was still in primary school. Luckily for us he didn’t rap on this track though – instead he delivers a quite elegant and glitchy mid-tempo track that really deserves to be played.

Featuring a great performance by Amanda Lane on vocals the track offers an interesting blend of old-school sounds and arrangements, draped in a modern production setting.

Well designed soundscape and properly glitchy.

I added this track to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect elegant electronica of the deeper and laid-back kind. You know, the stuff you’d want to hear while hangin’ at the right lounge.

This list have, if we are to say so ourselves, evolved into something quite magnificent, so add it to your library today for a trustworthy source of electronic elegance!

Cuteness overdose: Asian sugar!

I find myself drifting outside of our scope on underground electronica almost on a weekly basis nowadays. I hope you all don’t mind. We are really starting to receive a lot of music to consider, and amongst those are naturally a good share that strictly speaking are not to be called underground electronica, at least not of the more deeper, submlime nature.

And here’s a track that I had to listen to several times, most of them while deciding that “no, there’s no way this track fits into our blog. I just can not“.

But something held me back. Each time. So I saved it for later. Then returned to it the day after, pressed play, and thought “ok, so it’s undeniably a cool track but it just isn’t, no it can’t be…“, finger on the decline button, pressed play once more… “Oh fuck it. I dig this track“.
Bang: Approved.

Because I really do. Just listen to this thing!


This is obviously from Asia. Singapore. I’m also a gamer and one of my favourite franchises is the Katamari – not only for the ultra-Japanese crazy gameplay but almost just as much because of the music. And I don’t know about you but I am so totally in Katamari-land when listening to this one.
It has that unique Asian pop music feel and I just so totally am dancing along on my chair here even while writing this.

And it’s really well produced too! Lovely loops and glitches, and the playfulness… Omg it’s just so HAPPY!

So, today is the day we step out of our dark underground dungeons and dress up in pink and pastel colours and big fluffy things and just have bright, shiny FUN!

Today we dig pop!SUGAR, and want whatever it is they got!

This track is added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist where we gather all our selections throughout the weeks!

Time to rumble: Kotek – Communication

I dunno, do they call this “glitch” today? For me, it’s just a variant of breakbeat. Breaks evolved. And I really love every minute of it.

And I really like tracks that takes their time to really get started. It’s something about the Spotify-everysecondcounts-instant-gratification trend that seems to be these days, with tracks hardly stretching past the two minute mark and jumps right in to the meat of the track… Where’s the fun in that?

Here we have one minute running before even a hint of percussion is heard. And we’ve passed a couple of cool twists tot he arangement already. Great!

And how about that heavy, rumbling, insisting bass? And the playful percussive arrangements. Not to mention the MASSIVE breakdown right after three minutes, where the bass just totally are forced down on the knees. Ah yeah.

Good stuff!

We don’t really have a themed playlist where this track fits right in, unfortunately. I should make a breaks themed list someday soon. It must happen. I just really wanted to show you all this track!

But as always it’s of course added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where all our selections are collected as we find them!


Double Downtempo: Two unique moments of lesser energy

Today I’ve picked two tracks that are of a calmer nature, and quite original. One from a producer that is well on the way of being established, the other from an artist at the very beginning of his career.
Both with releases that we’d love to play in our imaginary lounge club!

Draft – “All For You (Pt. 1)”

A very calm, almost dark ambient atmosphere in this track. The introduction of a modern, bass heavy break beat came as quite the surprise to me the first time I listened – but boy does it work! I’ve always been a fan of solid contrasts in music, and we get that in spades here. Glitchy, lazy, but with muscles.

Massive changes in dynamics is a two-sided sword, though. The contrasting segments needs to have a common glue, both needs to be part of the same universe or it falls apart.
And that unity is found here. A really good production.

Moud – “The Moon Singer”

In regular “double feature” fashion here on Beatradar the tracks in this duo do share some elements. Here it is that same dark ambience surrounding the track. In “The Moon Singer” the beat is of less surprise than in Draft’s track, but the contrasts are here too.

This track is more based on classic deep house, though. With a veil of chillout/lounge atmosphere covering it.

Both tracks are, in each their ways, well suited for a chillout lounge. Or a calm session in your headset.

Draft is added to our “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect the tracks we’d love to play in our lounge club. Quality down-tempo, deep, often slightly dark and always very unique. Here’s where you find it! Please follow and join our crusade for a better lounge experience.

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