Friday Funk – let the weekend commence

Two groovy creations to kick off the weekend. Both of these are a bit different from what I usually pick, but they fetched my interest. May them also fetch yours!

Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat

For some reason the groove of this track reminds me so much of Prince at his most funky. Yet it’s a very different beast, surely someone’s gonna sample a loop here and make it into something that Chemical Brothers would have been proud of.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that this track is pure, raw groove. In a quite timeless way.

Alvido – Mind

Here’s a track that I per definition am not supposed to like. Too “future <something>”, too commercial sounding, too happy, too melodic. Too mainstream.

But I do like it. A really tight, funky bass line rocks my headset like few others, and the cheerful atmosphere makes me… Well… Cheerful!
It’s a simple construction, doesn’t scare anyone off anything, and would probably not fit into any of the sets played by DJs at our imaginary underground club that we at Beatradar are supposed to cater to.

But damn it – who cares. I smile. How about you?

I added both of these tracks to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where I collect some of the tracks picked from the slightly more mainstream landscape than usual for us. So if you’re tired of our deeper, darker and more sublime selections, this one is for you!

Vital Voices: Vocal based electronica

Here at Beatradar we try to keep our focus firmly fixed on the underground. That means as an example that we very rarely approve vocal based tracks, as vocals typically pulls a track up to the more mainstream atmosphere.

But every now and then we do make an exception. Here are two such incidents:

Henry Green – Stay Here (Rohne Remix)

A wonderful chillout track, fantastic atmosphere. Lovely melody. Unique sounding without going the experimental route. And a vocal that at least fetched my attention and held it up until the very end.

I know this is not the last time I have this one rolling in my headset.

Erbaiwu – Desaturated

The calm tempo continues with this next track, but the similarities ends there. We’re on notably darker grounds now, with a track that takes strong vocal influences from classic rock song structures, all while following a production pallet in the world of EDM and underground rap. There’s also something indisputable eighties over this track. Without me using that as an argument against it.

Because, while the result is of a nature you really don’t expect to hear here on Beatradar, there’s something here that really just captivated me, making me hit that “approve” button.

I’ve decided to create a new Spotify playlist with “vocal electronica” being the theme, for these kind of tracks. That’s gonna be one awesome list!
But until I’ve got enough tracks on that list to make it public you’ll find these two on our “
Beatradar Selections” where we collect all our selections as we discover them.

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Double Dunk: Dancefloor stompers

Here’s two for the floors. One new remix of a classic Carl Cox house track, the other is a techno slammer that tickles all the classic techno buttons.

Carl Cox – Dr Funk (Riva Starr Remix)

Probably best known as a techno DJ, Cox have also delivered epic house sets over the years. And here’s a new remix of a classic Cox house anthem “Dr Funk” anno 1999, done by mr Riva Starr. And while being a new release it keeps those classic clubby house vibes from yesteryear. As for me, I can totally picture Carl’s classic profile groovin’ while listening to this track. 🙂

You find it wherever you buy your house music.

startech42 – Humboldthain

Speaking of techno DJs, I wanted to pair the above house track with a techno track that’s out now, from the German techno act Startech42. Humboldthain pushes all those classic pumping techno buttons, and the end result is a driving, groovy joint of a track that will push the right floors to the max. A 100% solid production.
One might accuse it for being a bit “haven’t we heard this before”, but damn.
The formula still works.

Humboldthain is added to our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club“, a list brim full of stomping, dark and hypnotic techno from the top shelf. What makes our list extra special is that we’ve focused on finding new techno acts – so there’s a good chance you too will discover new artists aplenty on our lists.

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Silent Saturday: Two moments of low gear livin’

I’ve discovered so many great, calm tracks lately so it warrants a whole weekend dedicated for the calm and silent: Silent Weekend!
For today I have picked two tracks that is slightly leaning towards chillout, one more than the other, and both are really very good. Enjoy.

Patiotic – Hopeless Land

A piano based track that really has a lot going for it. Lovely, calm atmosphere – but also quite original.
And that latter part is crucial for me. I mean – if there’s one thing this world don’t really need one more of, it’s yet another a quiet piano piece, right?

Unless… It brings something a bit unique to the table. As is done here. And we dig it.

Regular readers of Beatradar may recall the name Patiotic. He did a fantastic track with Sophia Garvey a while ago, “Doesn’t Matter“.
A track that I’ve still not grown tired of.

HaTom – Naya

My second track this Saturday is also a very harmonic and calm composition. Lovely chill-out vibes. A guitar is one of the cornerstones of this track, and the instrument that seduced me on my first listen.

I don’t have much info about HaTom at hand, but as far as I understand he’s a rather new producer and as such it’s impressive to hear that he seems to already have found his own unique sound.

Of course, it really helps getting there when you are focused on “keeping my own vibe without samples“, to quote him. And in this case it’s every good reason to do so: The result is well arranged, well produced, and with a unique flair.
Keep up the good work, buddy!

HaTom is not on Spotify yet, but Patiotic is added to two of our playlists: The totally new and utterly calm “All Chilled Out” playlist, as well as our ambient playlist “The Ambient Universe”. I suspect that the track is a bit too energetic for the latter list, but I’ll try it out the coming days! On the chillout list it will however reside for a very long time.
Follow it today for a trustworthy source of calm electronica.

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Throwback Thursday: Legit trips to the fun era

Today I’ve got two fun tracks with prominent old-school vibes for you. One that takes us all the way back to the golden age of Art of Noise, and the other one transports us dead centre at the underground after-parties around the turn of the millennia.

Patrick Alexander’s Melody Zone – Fire Extinguisher

I mean, come on. If this doesn’t give you Art Of Noise vibes then you simply do not know who AoN is.

Patrick is a dude from Australia who’s currently living in Japan. And he says,
“You know how in the ’80s, when digital sampling was new and novel, people would go “Blurp!” into the microphone then play it melodically, up and down the keyboard, and it seemed like the coolest, funnest thing ever? Well, they were right. It’s still the coolest, funnest thing, and it always will be.”

Oh I totally remember, Patrick. My first keyboard was a Casio SK-1, the very first entry level keyboard with integrated sampler, and the first thing I did was exactly as described above.
And I agree! That’s why I love glitchy tracks so much, with their sliced samples and mad loops. Playing with sampling is fun. And this track is the embodiment of that.

BOT – Bring Me Back

You simply do not call yourself “bot” and expect to be visible in Google. So BOT is an Italian act… And that’s all I know.
(yo – labels out there – do include a bio with your promotions, will ya?! Come on)

But if this track doesn’t bring you straight back to around the turn of the century and hot, small underground clubs with far too large sound systems, well then you simply weren’t a clubber back then.
It pushes all the classic club music buttons: Predictable as can be, but that’s the point. Everyone can be a star on the dance floor when you know exactly what’s gonna happen next. You lower your guard and dance like a queen. And have a bloody good time.

As for me? Mentally I’m tumbling around in a basement club in downtown Oslo right now, slightly dazed after a three nigher nonstop partying but am convinced I still got a few more hours in me before I head home.
A wonderful era, those years. 🙂

Bring Me Back is added to our collection of club tracks that are found on our Spotify playlist “House For Clubbers”:

Fire Extinguisher was a bit harder to place in any of our lists, as typically is the case with tracks that operates a bit outside our scope. But you do find it on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where we collect all our discoveries. Have you got a suitable list for it? Add it to yours!