Axel E, “Silverh√∂jd”: An extraordinary production

This is not your regular proghouse. The sound design really makes it stand out to such a degree it would actually be a bit hard to fit it into a proghouse DJ set. The sounds used are so much more haunting than what we usually find in the genre, and the bed it rests on gives me associations to dark ambient. Continue reading Axel E, “Silverh√∂jd”: An extraordinary production

REEON, “Sector”: The deep sector, where we belong

I do try to push myself a little when writing for this blog. However, sometimes I grab the chance to retract back to my hood. To the darker side of the pond, where the deeper flavours of house and techno resides.

This track is a good demonstration of why the genre “progressive house” is so damn persistent. Continue reading REEON, “Sector”: The deep sector, where we belong

Masiivo – “Mezzanotte”: Massive rise ahead

Here’s a progressive house track with a drive that is nothing short of spectacular. But it’s more than that. It’s a fantastic blend of eclectic opera vocals and a twisted mandolin(?) play. I know, right? Not a combo we find too often. Add to this layers upon layers of pure epicness, and we got something very special. Continue reading Masiivo – “Mezzanotte”: Massive rise ahead