Nachtaktiv, “Strawberry Jam” & “Hang Flow”: A positive activity

It’s time for a new double feature; but this time from the same artist!

Nachactiv is a Swiss electronica hero, and first out is his rather elegant, deep production “Strawberry Jam”.

Nachactiv shared with us that “I worked and tweaked over 4 years (with long breaks) on this track”. Sometimes good stuff needs to stay in the hopper for a while!

The depth is endless in this one. Deep, but comfortable. And groovy, in that subtle, controlled way.

The second track, “Hang Flow” is a collaboration between Nachtaktiv and Kühn, and holds much of that same dubby, lazy but fundamentally groovy atmosphere:

What’s particularly cool with this track is the use of acoustic instruments, steel drum and didgeridoo. Adds an absolutely lovely organic layer to the production.

It’s also interesting, the contrast between the rather dark electronic track below the much lighter organic layers. Creates a span. Excellent.

These two recent releases from this Swiss gentleman really do impress. They both hold that same confience in the groove that I have talked about in earlier posts, that so typically comes with experience. The rest of his catalogue is also well worth exploring, should you like these two tracks.

Nachtaktiv is an act worth following.

These two tracks were added to our playlists “Progressive Underground” and “The Deep Lounge” respectively. And of course, both tracks are found on our “Beatradar Selections” along with all our other selected tracks.

Carol Fernandez, “You Will Never Know”: Let’s celebrate the classic club groove!

Here’s a track that is so pure. Pure club. Pure groove. Pure dance.

Yeah, nothing innoavtive going on here. Nothing we haven’t heard before. But the predictability is part of what makes it great. This is clubbing in the sunshine. This is the Summer Parade, the Beach Club, the happy hours, the bikini-clad dancers, the smiling faces, sizzling feeling of MDMA in the wee hours of the morning. This is club music.

Carol Fernandez is born in Switzerland to an italian father and spanish mother. Influenced by her father Toney D, who is a DJ producer and composer in his own right and who has worked all over the world, she grew up in a musical environment. For fifteen years, her father ran “Fantasy”, the first DJ record shop in Switzerland. During this time she really got into the music scene and so discovered her love for the turntables.

Since 3 years Carol is constantly spinning in and around Ibiza and is frequently Guest DJ at the Radio Station “Ibiza Global Radio”.

And this version here is remixed by Tony D – who happen to be her own father! Now how cool is that? Awwww <3

We had to add this track to our “Club Music” playlist, where you find tracks with a similar energy and groove. It’s under construction, but we already see the contours of a really great playlist. 🙂

Marco Amoazoo, “Mandolina”: Deep, elegant, repeat-worthy.

A good, deep house track with just the right drive, that’s a balance act of the finest order. It should never pull all the straps, but remain a low profile, always groovy and above all, bucketloads of elegance. This track here, from Marco Amoazoo (Switzerland), has all that.

The mandolin is paired with an elegant set of percussive instruments, and together they form a layer of an exotic tribal atmosphere. I love it.

There are no sharp borders between deep house and progressive house, and this track here could very well work early on a proghouse set as well as a pure deep house session.

One of the great things about house music like this, is that it works so well on repeat. It doesn’t tire your senses like a lot of the more upbeat genres tend to do. So this track here will very likely stay on our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” for a very long time.

We also added this track to our recently created playlist “Progressive Underground“. It’s a bit short right now, but we’re building it brick by brick to become a great source for elegant, deep and progressive house tracks.