Throwback Thursday: Synthwave to the rescue!

Synthwave. Our guilty pleasure here at Beatradar. It’s not underground, not bleeding edge, not deep, usually not even that groovy. Still, I dig it. It’s my safe haven whenever I want some of that eighties charm.

Because, each decade do of course have their charm – so also the eighties. The problem being that the eightes is so insanely oversaturated. Beyond repair. I can’t stand listening to “The Final Countdown” or “Is This Love”, “Africa” or “Forever Young” one single time more.

And that’s where synthwave comes to my rescue.

Turbo Cobra – On Levels

And here’s a track that really reminds me of the classic eighties detective series; Miami Vice. Classic electronic pop instrumental. With the mandatory el-guitar solo on top. Yeah, this one check all the right boxes.

Turbo Cobra is a German duo who told me they love everything eighties, from music to films and fashion. So starting a Synthwave group was just the right thing to do.

And they have obviously done their homework cause this is as authentic as can be. The sound on the track is unfortunately a bit muddy. Unless intentionally sounding like played off a worn cassette – and I doubt that’s intentional – it would benefit from a bit fresher mastering. So there’s a tip to you guys.

But really, if you like synthwave this duo is really worthy of your attention!

This track will be added to our Spotify playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself” as soon as it is available there. This is the list where only the finest, most authentic synthwwave tracks are collected as we find them. If synthwave is your cup of tea there really are no reasons not to add this list to your library. So grand us a “follow” today!

Synthwave Saturday: A Sunset Serenade

The synthwave track for this Saturday is of a bright yet melancholic nature. It’s almost as if we can see the credits roll at the end of a romantic movie while listening.

Chada – Better Days

A beautiful track and indeed a gorgeous voice. And sometimes when I hear synthwave my mind drifts off to soundtracks, for some reason. As I do here, this track could totally have the cinemas during the final scene, as the couple finally got each other and can drift into the sunset. In a convertible. With sunglasses on. Always sunglasses. And big hair.

If I am to put my finger on something, I find the long and bright reverb on the vocals a bit distracting. It sounds very digital and kicks me out of the illusion of being an eighties production.

But the melody here, as well as the arrangement, well that is totally spot on. Totally.

This track is added to our ever increasingly awesome synthwave playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself”, where we collect only the finest synthwave as we discover them. Actively curated and well worth following!

Synthwave Saturday: You just can’t get more eighties than this

Seriously: The two tracks i got for you today are almost too much. They not only plagiarise but surpass the original sound of the eighties – all while staying firmly true to the sound. It’s just so much of everything.
They crammed the entire decade into their tracks!

Six Leaves Left – Parallel World (feat. Dimi Kaye)

I don’t usually approve synthwave instrumentals (I think vocals are such an important component for that true eighties feel) but I had to make an exception here. This track is maybe even more eighties than the eighties itself.

I could now mention a lot of artists I am reminded of with this track. I bet you can too. But the fact alone that a large list instantly scrolls in my head while listening goes to show how well this track summarise the eighties new romantic wave of bands.

… And when the guitar comes in towards the end there it’s almost – almost – too much. But it’s delightful, just like an overly exaggerated action scene in an eighties movie.

Skimode – Redlight

Now here’s a good example of what I typically seek in the synthwave genre. The vocals are just so amazingly eighties – and processed perfectly accordingly. The vocal harmonies, the corny vocoder and cat sample, the whole thing is so totally legit, this could easily have been a hit in the eighties. Complete with the mandatory guitar solo and all – with obnoxious amounts of reverb. Of course. Nothing is skimped on in this production.

One of the best synthwave productions I’ve heard in a very long time.

Both of these tracks are obviously added to our excellent Spotify Synthwave List: “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself“, where we only make room for the very best from the synthwave scene.

Synthwave Saturday: Sugar for breakfast

Here at Beatradar, Synthwave has become the remedy when we want something a bit lighter and more mainstream sounding. And now the turn has come to give Moonlight Breakfast some love and attention. This is sugar for the ear drums.

Moonlight Breakfast – Dance Moves

They come from Romania(!) and have a lovely sound over their productions. Tight as can be, and with a fabulous synth bass. And the cute vocals on top just makes the blend so sugar sweet that it’s impossible not to get our mood lightened.

It must be said though, that these guys are not exactly unknown. They’ve come so far in their carreer that they can set out on a tour of their own across the entire Europe, and they’ve also been the opening act for Jamiroquai.

So a bigger act than we usually cover here at Beatradar – but we hope you can agree this is still worthy of this Saturday’s synthwave track.

This track is added to our Spotify playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself“. A list that is filled to the brim with mostly vocal based, retrospective synth pop that takes us back to the decade of the pastel colours.

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Tripple Synthwave: A delicious vocal sandwich

Today I got a remarkably high-towered sandwich of Synthwave for you: A tripple-decker of rock solid vocals.

KINGD├śMS – Bankin

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this sound a lot like a George Michael production? Both the massive reverb, the arrangement and the characteristics of his voice.

Neon Arcadia – Cruise Control (feat. Tom Selica)

Fantastic sound on this production. Sounds like early Duran Duran!
And again: Excellent vocals. A great blend of Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) and Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)? I think so.

The Ocean Beneath – Setting Sun (feat. Nath Jackson)

Again the vocals reminds me of someone from the eighties I’ve heard multiple times. Maybe a pinch of Simon Le Bon again, and a good dash of Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)?

All of these three amaze me in so many ways. They have a lot in common when it comes to production value. Solid mix and master, excellent arrangements and with a vocalist to match.

Quality productions all over.

Three productions that would go straight into our steadily growing synthwave list “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself!”.
But unfortunately only one of them seem to be present on Spotify (seriously, guys?!). I could at least add The Ocean Beneath to our excellent list!
And this is one list you want to add to your library if the retro sound of synthwave is your thing:

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