Garibe, “Cavas”: Come roll with me

The components in this minimal creation is just so perfectly honed to each other, they create one unison structure, all moving in the same direction. It’s like the most beautiful mechanical subsea creature you can imagine.

This is why you can take the man out of the club but you can’t take the club out of the man. It’s tracks like this that is to blame for all that. Continue reading Garibe, “Cavas”: Come roll with me

Mossa, “Schadenfreude”: There can never be enough KICK!

Meanwhile, back in Techyland, some shouted “it needs more cowbell!”. But Mossa looks up from his mix and replies, “No! It doesn’t. It needs more KICK!”. So he took the kick drum and moved it all the way to the front of the mix. So much so, that he scared away all the other techno tracks and became king of the Kick Hill.

Just a silly little tale? But, take a listen! Continue reading Mossa, “Schadenfreude”: There can never be enough KICK!