What is the Beatradar?

We dig out the new, undiscovered gems from the electronica underground

The Beatradar (yeah, one word) is a newly established electronica label, Spotify playlister and music blog.
We are very proud to say we’ve been added as a source for the “Hype Machine“, an popular meta site that index trustworthy music blogs and helps you find the best new music first. We are truly honoured.

The artists featured on our blog will predominantly be acts that can be considered “undiscovered”, based on their social media following. Exciting, isn’t it? You know who the big guns are anyways, you don’t need us for that.

We seek tracks from the electronica underground that within each their styles provide something a little bit different. Or simply just do what it does exceptionally well. as long as it’s off the mainstream we’re all ears.

Will we cover our own releases? With us also being a label one might easily suspect that we just do this to promote our own releases.
The answer is “yes, we most likely will”. Since we only exclusively sign artists who we can stand 100% behind, their stuff is good stuff. But! We will always very clearly state a disclaimer right at the beginning of the post if that track is released on our label. If we say nothing, it’s not.

Who’s writing? As of now this blog is a single man mission with me, Espen K.M. aka Atroxity behind the wheels! My background includes being editor-in-chief for the main clubbing site in Norway for more than a decade. I’ve also worked as a DJ since the turn of the century, and a radio jockey for contemporary radio stations since around 1990.
Yeah. I’ve been around for a while.

Submit a track: I exclusively use submithub.com for submissions. Their tool eases the workflow for me and frees up a massive amount of time spend on DMs, websites and emails.
And! It’s equally efficient for labels and promoters, not only to reach me but hundreds of other outlets! I accept “standard” (ie: free) submissions, so it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. https://www.submithub.com/blog/beatradar