Deep Lounge Monday

Let’s kick start the week with three spanking new, gorgeously deep and minimal releases!

5EiN – Dreaming Of You

We open today’s session with such a classic Deep House vibe. That organ stab, the simple and snappy beat, the floating pads, the slices of female vocals? Oh yes. Familiar grounds.

But this is why we love deep house (or “underground deep house” as we probably should call it to steer clear of that vocal based, commercial stuff they also tend to label Deep House). It’s that classic, timeless groove that made us fall in love with it in the first place. That restrained, controlled and discrete vibe that makes it just as suited for the background as to be the focal point on the dance floor.

Anderson M x Pezlo MD – Coastal

We’re really on a “classic” roll today, as this next track also can be describe as the one above: Familiar grounds.

And this is head bopping material in true deep fashion. This is air content for the classy lounge and the deep house clubs.

Andy Muschett (aka Anderson M) is a South American transplant born in Ecuador, but raised in Southern California. The resurgence of the underground rave scene inspired a strong love for house and techno during his early teenage years, and he began producing 11 years ago. He’s also granted the honour of opening for artists such as M.A.N.D.Y., Janeret and Guy Mantzur.

Neon Transmission – Cranborne Nights

Neon Transmission is another oldtimer on the House scene, the South London based producer Ru Goddard. His career in the music industry spans over 20 years and includes running a studio and doing remixes for a wide range of artists on the Oversoul Records label.

Here he delivers a smooth, yet quite driving creation that pushes the beat elegantly, winding up the intensity without ever stepping too far in either direction.

A class act and an obvious addition to our playlist.

All three are found on our deep house playlist “Deep Lounge”, where only the finest deep house tracks are collected as we discover them. A trustworthy source for the contained, deep underground beats.