Ambient Universe #45

I’m keeping it quite comfy and warm in today’s ambient session. No dangers lurking, no dark and gloomy views. But intriguing still!

Austin Rockman – Aqua Soul Furrow

The primary source of sounds in this piece is – interestingly enough – a guitar. It contains a myriad of sounds from playfully engaging with the physicality of the instrument. I love “simple ideas” like that.

Especially when the result is like this. A fully drawn abstract landscape of many nuances and intriguing details, and naturally with a very unique, organic feel.

Lexicon of Sound – into the ether

A drone based creation is next, although still quite melodic. And with a plethoria of details in the soundscape, making this a track to get lost in. A very big scene unforlds, the contour of a city in the horizon. An outworldish vibe of ancient technology in massive constructions. Idling. And has done so for a long time, as there are clear signs of nature taken over again.

But of what origin is this construction? What is it designed to do? And will it again come to life?

Regardless of what images this triggers in your imagination, surely therer can be no doubt that this is one gorgeous ambient track.

G. Spinn – Summer’s Long Gone

We do return to earth in this last one for today. Starting out with birds singing, slow harmonics, pretty standard fare to be honest. And one that doesn’t usually ignite my curiosity.

But it’s what’s going on in the background here that fetched my interest. Like a broken radio signal, adding such an intriguing layer. And as the track progress new elements appears, sounds like field recordings of some sort, creating that futuristic atmosphere I always seek in my ambient selections.

And for me that’s what pulled this one up from the horde of ambient releases and into something worth delving into!

All three are added to our flagship playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect all the best ambient releases as we discover them.