Ambient Universe #115

Two great new releases for you today, from each their continents: Africa and Asia. Two gorgeous atmospheric pieces for us to fall asleep to.

INEKT (South Africa) – Losing You

Omg how this track hits straight home for me:
Gorgeously dark atmosphere, without being noisy. Just gloomy. Distant vocal samples, so washed out they turn to massive rain clouds on a stormy autumn night.

And that’s it. Nothing really happens. It’s just… There. Resting on the atmosphere established from the start.

It’s perfect like that.

Norvik (Hong Kong) – raindots

Wow – Hong Kong! It may not be the first time we cover an artist from that country, but it sure isn’t often we do so.

A quite classic drone ambient creation is what we are to enjoy from this country today. Gentle sounds, softly embracing the stereo field in that fragile and organic way that we only find in this genre.

It comes across as a quite melodic piece, this. It’s all in the harmonies. The waves of calmness and quiet that rolls over us.

And slowly transport us to deep, peaceful sleep.

Both are added to our really quite extraordinary Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect all the great new ambient releases as we discover them. It’s been weekly updated for years now, and has proven itself to be well worth following.